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MGT mat for commercial use
MGT mat for fitness equipment & sports
MGT rubber mat for Courts
MGT Rubber base mat for athletic tracks
Compound EPDM Tile Series
MGT mat for livestock
MGT Cork & Rubber Series
MGT anti-vibration base mat for industry and construction
MGT mat for corridor, walkway
MGT roll for static-free
MGT all series sample color
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About Meigutan


About Us

Shanghai Meigutan Athletic Facilities Co., ltd history dates back to 1980s, the State Enterprise in Taiwan Area, is a world leading company which integrated the roll material and installation. Since then, we have introduced US Standard Oil Company’s technicians and applied US, Japan; Germany’s spraying and paving equipments. All of the raw materials are imported and the production, installation is duly according to ISO9002 in Shanghai. Today, we have achieved the target that produce over 5000T water-base coating, non-solvent coating, non-solvent glue, environment friendly base materials, etc. We have accumulated rich experience in Taiwan Area and created new material and OA-SYS to promote competition. We steadily majoring in sports flooring and set foot in other relative area, we firmly believe that “Specialization and pluralism”.

Science, creativity, environment friendly is first. We offer artistic stable and plain products to dozens of countries and areas. Nearly 30 years successful experience can best certify the quality.

Environment Protection mission

Today, all countries (include China) control the exhausting of volatile organic solvents (VOCs) more and more strictly. So, we have developed low non-content organic solvents, such as: water-base coating, non-solvent coating, and non-solvent glue and environment friendly base materials to low contents of (VOCs) and protect the environment more effectively.